What do you value in life?

How do we get in touch with what we really want and value and to find ways to have more of what we value in our lives?
I'm here to hear you and be the space where you can find your answers and explore your personal path and truth.


Are you longing just to be heard and understood as you are? In my experience to be understood and listened to with empathy gives us the nourishment to find the answers within ourselves that we need. I offer that kind of space where you get to be heard and received as you are as well as explore how it is like to be you and how you can flower in your unique expression.


When we get in touch with what is true, real and important in our personal experience, we become empowered to communicate and create more of the life we want to live.

Mapping out your
Fullest Potential

In my coaching sessions i like to give a visual overview of what we have covered in our sessions. I sort visually through mind-mapping, models, pictures and keywords of the most important insights and points explored.


Feedback from earlier clients


Yoga teacher & Artist

With a unique ability of empathy and acceptance, you help my most hidden wounds to come forward and show themselves, finally being seen in a safe presence. You are as comfortable in connecting through laughter as in tears. Getting support from you has helped me to heal, create awareness and build new strategies. Thank you Linda!


Holistic Business Consultant

“I really appreciate Linda’s amazing ability to quickly pick up on and empathize with how you’re feeling as well as guess what might be important for you based on what you need or value in your life. This, combined with her great ability to listen and reflect back what you’ve expressed, is something that has helped me immensely in navigating my inner world!”

Briana Luke


I’ve attended the weekly women’s circles online and it’s so nice to have a space every week where i get supported and feel safe to be my authentic self. l allways feel empowered and can sense my  bigger family

Dear friend,

Whatever you are going through you shouldn’t have to do it on your own!
No thing is too big or too small to talk about or get support in.
I’m here for you.